On August 2015, 8, a joint information session for high school students, junior high school students, etc. who are thinking about going to a university where they can learn about space and astronomical science will be held. It will be held at Rikkyo University's Ikebukuro Campus.

 Universities studying space mainly in the Kanto area, such as Tokyo University of Science and Ibaraki University, will participate in the information session.Participating universities are divided into booths, and while directly explaining the characteristics and research contents of the university's laboratory to the students, the students have "Which university should I go to to study space?" , "What kind of space research is being done?", "What kind of profession will you be able to get in the future if you do space research?"

 In addition, two lectures will be held at the same time.Former General Manager of JAXA Space Science Research Headquarters and full-time professor of Meisei University, Mr. Kazu Inoue "Space observation outside the atmosphere (tentative title) 2: 13-", Asahi Shimbun, Science and Medical Department reporter, Masanori Higashiyama "Return to Hayabusa And scientific coverage (tentative title) 30: 14 ~ ".

 Admission is free for the same school information session, and opening is 13:00.No prior application is required.However, attendance at the lecture is limited to about 300 people on a first-come, first-served basis.In addition to junior and senior high school students, university students and the general public can also participate.

* Universities scheduled to participate in the "Explanatory Meeting for Universities where you can study space"
Ibaraki University, Sakurabirin University, Institute of Engineering University, Chiba University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Science University, Toho University, Nihon University, Meisei University, Rikkyo University, Waseda University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Space Job Hunting

Source:[Rikkyo University] Invitation to outer space-Explanatory meeting for admission to a university where you can study outer space-

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