Tridor Co., Ltd., which is familiar at the Sanuki udon specialty store "Marugame Seimen", has begun an interesting attempt.
For the purpose of creating fans for university students, Kanto is a student of Waseda University, Meiji University, Aoyama Gakuin University, and Kansai is a student of Doshisha University, Kansai Gakuin University, Kansai University, for a total of 1 Marugame noodles "students. An ambassador has been appointed, and the company and students are working together to increase the number of fans on campus.As the first step of the project, a poster was produced, which was modeled on popular club activities of the university and members of the circle.This poster, which expresses the individuality of each university in an easy-to-understand and humorous manner, has been rolled out sequentially from June 6 as a station pasted by a public institution.

Students who see the poster can become "Udon members" by posting their student ID cards at the target stores of Marugame Seimen, and receive the tempura service as a special "Udon club student discount" that only members can receive. It is also attractive that it comes with the privilege of being able to do it.
What I would like you to pay more attention to is the catch phrase written on the poster.For example, Aoyama Gakuin University, which has a sophisticated image, is "Udon is fashionable.", And Kyoto's prestigious Doshisha University is "Hona, Marugame Ikahen?" There is no doubt that you will be convinced that the place being told is novel and "I understand! I understand!".
If you see this project that everyone can enjoy at the station, why not take a picture of it?I'm looking forward to seeing what the second one will come out.

Source:[Toridol Co., Ltd.] Marugame Seimen Student Ambassador's on-campus fan-making activities start collaborative planning with university students

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