Benesse Manavision, an internet service managed and operated by Benesse Corporation, started a free download service for the 2015 entrance examination questions of national and public universities nationwide from August 8, 3.

 Manavision provides high school students with information and services such as career selection, universities and junior colleges.Among them, there is a free download service of past entrance exam questions "past questions" of more than 120 national and public universities nationwide, and mainly the entrance exam questions and answers / explanations from 2013 are posted.This time, the latest version of the 2015 entrance exam questions and some of the answers and explanations have been released.We plan to release the 2015 version one by one in the future, and the next update will be in mid-September.

 This past question download service can be used free of charge by registering as a member (free of charge) with Manavision, and if you download and print the entrance exam questions of each university, you can practice while imagining the actual entrance exam.Also, knowing the problem trends of the university you want to go to will be helpful in making future study plans for the actual university.

 At Manavision, at the same time as the release of past questions in 2015, a serialization of "Past question utilization techniques that can be used from today" has started, and seniors can study for exams by incorporating past questions and the timing to tackle past questions for examinees. I will advise you on how to do it. For those who think that "the entrance exam questions cannot be solved yet", there is also a corner that collects past university entrance exam questions that can be solved with the knowledge of junior high school students.

Source:[Benesse Mana Vision] Past questions are useful for research at the school you want to study from the summer of high school XNUMX!


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