Kanazawa University has started the development of autonomous driving support maps for automobiles in collaboration with "Increment P Co., Ltd.", which produces digital maps, etc., and is aiming for the practical application of autonomous driving vehicles in depopulated and aging areas. We announced that we will proceed with demonstration experiments on public roads.

 Autonomous driving systems are attracting a great deal of attention internationally, and various efforts are being made around the world.In Japan, where the population is declining and the population is aging, the practical application of autonomous driving systems is required as one of the mobility environments where people can move safely and securely.Against this background of social conditions, in February 2015, a research team of the same university conducted the first demonstration experiment of an "autonomous self-driving car" in an urban area for the purpose of supporting the mobility of local elderly people in Japan. I did.

 "Autonomous self-driving car" is a highly manned driving support system that automatically takes you to the destination without the driver driving if you set the destination.Coordinated control with map information is performed when searching for routes to destinations, changing lanes, observing traffic regulations such as traffic lights, and turning left or right at intersections.

 In the future, Kanazawa University and Increment P Co., Ltd. will develop an automatic driving support map that can be used in an autonomous automatic driving system, repeat demonstration experiments of coordinated control with an autonomous automatic driving system, and depopulate and depopulate with the goal of around 2020. We aim to utilize it as a means of transportation in aging areas (feasibility verification).

* Increment P Co., Ltd. is a digital map company headquartered in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and provides car navigation software, "MapFan" map service, map database, location information service, etc.

Source:[Kanazawa University] Increment P Started development of autonomous driving support map Joint project with Kanazawa University with a view to using autonomous driving in depopulated and aging areas

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