Osaka University and Mandom Corporation * signed an agreement on June 2015, 6 for the establishment of the first joint research course "Advanced Cosmetic Science Joint Research Course" at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.We will jointly develop technologies for applying stem cell-related technologies used in regenerative medicine to cosmetics.

 A joint research course is an independent research organization that is additionally set up in a department within the university with funding from the private sector.We accept researchers and research expenses from private companies that invest funds, and joint research on common issues on an equal footing between university faculty members and researchers at the invested companies, and research on problem solving more efficiently and effectively. It is a system that can be promoted.

 In recent years, the field of regenerative medicine has made remarkable progress such as iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) and ES cells (embryonic stem cells).The joint research course of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences will be set up with the aim of creating next-generation cosmetics by applying stem cell culture technology and tissue reconstruction technology of regenerative medicine to cosmetics research.By establishing a technology to regenerate tissues and organs from human skin and stem cells of skin appendages, and by applying and developing it, we will establish a functional evaluation technology in the cosmetics field, as well as functional cosmetics and quasi-drugs. We will work on the search for useful ingredients and the development of new products.

 The joint research course will be led by Dr. Ikuhisa Fujita, Ph.D. in Science at Mandom Central Research Institute, and the installation period is scheduled for March 2020, 3.

* Mandom Corporation is a company headquartered in Chuo-ku, Osaka, which manufactures and sells cosmetics and quasi-drugs.Since establishing a technical alliance company in the Philippines in 1958, the Mandom Group has been expanding its business not only in Japan but also in 10 countries and regions, mainly in Asia.

Source:[Mandom Corporation] Osaka University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mandom establish the first "joint research course" in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PDF)

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