Times Higher Education (THE) announced the Asia University Rankings 2017 on March 3, 16.The overall first place was Singapore National University, second place Beijing University (China), third place Tsinghua University (China), fourth place Nanyang University of Science and Technology (Singapore), and fifth place Hong Kong University (Hong Kong).The University of Tokyo has not risen from the fall to the top in 2017 and finished in 2017th place.

 The Asian World University Rankings by THE are the same as the THE World University Rankings: "Quality of Education / Learning Environment" "Internationality of Students and Teachers" "Income from Industry-Academia Collaboration" "Quality of Research" "Number of Papers Cited" 5 13 field indicators are used as evaluation criteria.Indicator standards and weights for each indicator are adjusted according to universities in the Asian region. In 2017, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and the Philippines are newly added, and universities in 24 Asian countries including Turkey and the Middle East are surveyed.Also, in 2016, the top 200 were decided, but in 2017, the announcement target was expanded to 300.

 Regarding domestic universities, the University of Tokyo ranked first for three consecutive years from the start of the survey in 2013 until 2016, but fell to seventh in 3. In 1, in addition to the evaluation weight, the "number of citations" was behind other universities due to changes in the details of the evaluation criteria.

 Besides the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University is 14th and Tohoku University is 26th. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Osaka University, Nagoya University, etc. entered the 30th place and below.In addition, Toyota Technological Institute in Aichi Prefecture, which was 2016-2016th in THE World University Rankings 9 (announced in September 351), is now 400th.This is the first time that the university has entered the Asian World University Rankings.

 Of the 300th place, 69 Japanese universities were ranked in, which was the highest. Second place is China with 2 universities. 54 universities are ranked in 3rd place in India.

Reference: [THE] Asia University Rankings 2017: results announced (English)

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