On Monday, July 2015, 7, the "Chogatake Volunteer Medical Care Group" at Nagoya City University (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) will open a summer-only clinic at the mountain lodge "Hutte" in Chogatake, Nagano Prefecture (20 meters). open.This year marks the 2677th anniversary of our activities at the clinic.The clinic will be open until August 18 (Sun), with 8 student members and more than 23 university faculty members, medical personnel, graduate doctors and nurses forming a group and taking turns. operation.Last year, we examined about 110 climbers in 80 days.

Quoted from the homepage

Quoted from the homepage

Student group members take turns staying at the summit of Mt. Chogatake every few days to support doctors' medical activities.It assists in pre-examination and medical examination, and manages and replenishes medicines and gauze.Students also have a 24-hour waiting time in the clinic to accept patients early in the morning and at night.In addition, for the purpose of disseminating information about clinics and early detection of people with poor physical condition, we also carry out activities to call out to climbers, and students and medical staff act as instructors to "countermeasures for trauma" and "prevention of altitude sickness" in the mountain lodge. We hold seminars such as "Countermeasures".

 In 2005, a high school boy who passed the clinic died of symptoms that seemed to be altitude sickness.Since then, I have decided to eliminate the medical examination fee and receive voluntary donations instead so that I can drop in easily, but most of the activities are covered by support from universities and graduates.
 According to the Japan Mountaineering Medical Association, there are a total of 23 clinics open by universities in the Northern Alps this summer.Students support the safety of the mountains.However, securing doctors is the number one issue for each university because it will be a long-term volunteer, including a round trip to the hut.

Source:[Nagoya City University] Supporting mountain medical care with the hands of students! "Nagoya City University Chogatake Volunteer Medical Group" (PDF)
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