Shibaura Institute of Technology was selected as one of the four types established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's comprehensive reform support project for private universities.All types have been selected for 4 consecutive years.Shibaura Institute of Technology says, "We will continue to promote university reforms and produce excellent human resources in society."

 According to Shibaura Institute of Technology and the Ministry of Education, the Comprehensive Support Program for Reform of Private Universities is a system that focuses on financial support for private universities that are actively engaged in university reforms such as qualitative transformation of education and globalization. In FY2016, ordinary expenses of 167 billion yen, activation equipment expenses of 23 billion yen, and facility / equipment expenses of 11 billion yen were secured, for a total of 201 billion yen.

 The four types are "qualitative transformation of education," "contribution to regional development," "cooperation with industry and other universities," and "globalization."There were applications from a total of 4 schools nationwide (real number 1,562 schools), and a total of 716 schools (actual number 690 schools) were selected.

 The breakdown of the selected schools is 362 for "qualitative transformation of education", 167 for "contribution to regional development", 80 for "cooperation with industry and other universities", and 81 for "globalization".
In 2016, in addition to Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tohoku Welfare University, International Medical Welfare University, Tokyo City University, Musashino University, Tama University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, and Nagasaki International University were selected for all four types.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Selection of support target schools for the 28 "Comprehensive Support Project for Reform of Private Universities" (PDF)

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