The University of Tokyo's Working Group (WG), which was considering the ideal way of selecting the president after being criticized from inside and outside the university for the president selection process in 2020, made a final report that the experienced president will not be involved in the selection meeting. Was summarized.The University of Tokyo will revise the internal regulations to realize the report.

 According to the University of Tokyo, the final report points out that despite the fact that the president selection meeting has the role of selecting and restraining the president, it is easy to reflect the president's intentions in the committee selection system.He suggested that in order to ensure the transparency and fairness of university management, experienced presidents should not be included in the selection committee.

 In addition to preventing former directors who are in charge of management at the University of Tokyo from becoming members for six years after retirement, we request that the total number of members who have experience as directors and full-time faculty members be within 6% of the members of the selection meeting. There is.

 In the 2020 presidential selection, the candidate with the highest number of votes in the preliminary election was excluded from the target of the intention survey by the faculty and staff, and former president Hiroshi Komiyama, who was the chairman of the selection meeting, is the first candidate at the meeting. He touched on an anonymous accusation about the matter and raised doubts that he might have led the discussion to remove it from the intent vote.

 At the end of 2020, a third-party committee established by then-President Makoto Gonokami said that the selection of the current President Teruo Fujii was done correctly, but Hajime Komiyama's remarks pointed out that it was "invalid."In response to this, after President Fujii took office in April, the working group was discussing what the selection meeting should be.

reference:[The University of Tokyo] Report on the results of the organizational review working group of the President's Selection Meeting (final report)

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