The International Exchange Festival hosted by the Tokyo International Exchange Center was held on August 8th, with the theme of "Let's connect! Culture and traditions that spread around the world".
The Tokyo International Exchange Center, operated by the Japan Student Services Organization, is located overlooking the Odaiba district of Tokyo.Although some may not be familiar with it, it is a facility that aims to provide a high-quality living and exchange space for excellent graduate students and researchers in Japan and overseas. As a base for the "Tokyo Academic Park" where researchers from Japan and overseas gather and talk, we carry out various international exchange projects such as international symposiums and international exchange festivals.

State of last year (quoted from the source)

State of last year (quoted from the source)

The event provides opportunities for foreign students, Japanese students, and researchers to interact with each other, as well as for the general public such as neighboring residents and university students to come into contact with the cultures of various countries and regions, and gain international understanding. It is held every year for the purpose of deepening.This year, there will be a world food court, a corner where you can experience Japanese culture such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and calligraphy, a Fukushima product sales booth, and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger & Go! Princess Precure Show. Many people gathered and it was a lot of excitement through Japanese culture.

In recent years, many young people have left Japan to study foreign cultures, but the number of young people who are also coming to Japan to learn Japanese culture is increasing.The Japan Student Services Organization is struggling every day for such foreign students.Why don't you visit the International Festival next year and take a peek at the bridge between Japan and the world.

Source:[Japan Student Services Organization] International Exchange Festival

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