Keio University, a school corporation, and Tokyo Dental College have been discussing with the aim of a merger in 2023, but once they had no time to spare due to the spread of the new coronavirus, review the schedule and set a target time. Clarified the policy to continue the talks without.

 According to Keio University, both Keio University and Tokyo Dental College have entered into talks for a merger in November 2020.However, after that, the spread of the new corona infection created a crisis situation far beyond expectations in society, and the environment surrounding education, research, and medical care changed completely, and the uncertain and uncertain situation continues in the future.

 Under these circumstances, it was said that the schedule for the merger was revised after mutual agreement because there was not enough time to proceed with sufficient discussions to respect the history and current situation of both sides and not to cause disadvantages to the integration. There is.

 Tokyo Dental College is the oldest dental college in Japan, with the predecessor of Takayama Dental College, which opened in 1890 in what is now Minato-ku, Tokyo.The merger was requested by Tokyo Dental College, and the original policy was to merge the two school corporations in 2023, move the dentistry department of Tokyo Dental College to Keio University, and establish a new dentistry department.

 As a result, Keio University will not only become Japan's first comprehensive university with four medical faculties, including the existing medical, nursing and medical faculties, but also the Tokyo Dental University Ichikawa General Hospital in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture. It was expected to be obtained and lead to strengthening of management.

reference:[Keio University] Notice regarding the status of discussions regarding the integration of the Faculty of Dentistry of Tokyo Dental College into Keio University and the merger of corporations

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