A joint research between Professor Nobuyuki Takakura of Osaka University and Shiseido has revealed that the functional deterioration of lymphatic vessels in the skin causes sagging of the skin.We also discovered that pine extract is effective as an ingredient that improves sagging such as nasolabial folds.

 Shiseido has focused on these studies because the blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen and the lymph vessels that collect water and waste products play important roles in maintaining healthy skin.On the other hand, Professor Takakura of Osaka University discovered that there is a substance called aperin that enhances the function of lymphatic vessels.

 Based on these facts, a joint research to investigate the relationship between lymphatic function and subcutaneous fat accumulation has started.As a result, it was found that the destabilization of lymph vessels is caused by fatty acids in the lymph.Furthermore, fatty acids leaked out from the lymphatic vessels in this state, promoting the differentiation of adipocytes.In other words, the swelling caused by the functional deterioration of the lymphatic vessels causes the swelling by increasing and accumulating subcutaneous fat.

It has also been found that aperin has a role in preventing fatty acids from leaking from the lymph vessels.Then, when we searched about 200 kinds of crude drugs for ingredients that have the same function as aperin, which enhances the function of lymphatic vessels and suppresses the increase and accumulation of subcutaneous fat, pine extract has the same effect as aperin. understand.After using a prototype skin care cosmetic containing this pine extract for 2 months, it was found to be effective in improving nasolabial folds, face lines, and neck sagging.

 In the future, with the aim of putting it into practical use as a skin care product, it is said that further research on capillaries and lymphatic vessels will be carried out.All women are concerned about sagging skin, but recently, more and more men are concerned about skin aging.If both men and women can have youthful skin forever, it will lead to daily vitality and self-confidence.

Source:[Shiseido] Shiseido, the world's first to elucidate the relationship between lymphatic vessel dysfunction and "sag" (PDF)

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