Mieko Yoshimura, Governor of Yamagata Prefecture, Masuo Aizawa, Advisor to the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and nine outside members of the Yamagata University Management Council have issued a statement calling for enhanced national support to strengthen the functions of national university corporations.In order to maintain and strengthen the functions of local national universities that support local communities, we are requesting the expansion of operating grants.

 According to Yamagata University, the statement was issued jointly by nine off-campus committee members.Since its opening in 9, Yamagata University has not only sent more than 1949 human resources to society, but has also worked to solve various social issues and contributed to the development of local communities.On top of that, in the gradual allocation of operating expenses grants, which are uniformly evaluated and issued by all universities using a common index, management efforts according to the characteristics of each university are neglected, leading to the most important improvement in educational and research capabilities. He criticizes the current system, saying that he has not.

 In order for Yamagata University to contribute to regional development, it is essential to secure stable financial resources that are not affected by short-term policies and changes in social conditions in order to further strengthen its functions, and operating cost subsidies are extremely important. It was said that it would be a good financial resource.For this reason, we are requesting a revision of the current nationwide uniform evaluation decision on graded allocation, and a review of the allocation based on business proposals according to the individuality of each university and a new allocation that combines evaluation from a long-term perspective.

 President Hidetoshi Tamate and the six directors received a statement from the outside committee members, and requested that the outside committee members' requests be necessary measures to achieve the medium-term goals of Yamagata University, and that financial support to national universities should be further enhanced. Issued a statement to do.

reference:[Yamagata University] Statement calling for enhanced support by the government to strengthen the functions of national university corporations

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