Professor Noto Kawamura of Kumamoto University has succeeded in developing an ultra-fine wire of "KUMADAI heat-resistant magnesium" in collaboration with Toho Kinzoku Co., Ltd., which has excellent metal wire processing technology."KUMADAI Heat Resistant Magnesium" developed by Kumamoto University is a metal that has the world's strongest strength, heat resistance and flame retardancy.It is believed to be an alternative to the aluminum alloys currently used as aircraft materials.

 Magnesium is a metal that weighs about two-thirds of aluminum and is known to be gentle on the human body and easy to reuse.This magnesium is mixed with a small amount of other metals, and the alloy made by a special processing method becomes a light and strong material.In particular, "KUMADAI heat-resistant magnesium" developed by Kumamoto University is expected to be a new aircraft material because it has the same strength as the aluminum alloy currently used as an aircraft material.On the other hand, it was so sturdy that it was difficult to make wires.Toho Kinzoku has the processing technology cultivated in the manufacture of tungsten wire, which is also extremely sturdy and difficult to process.By applying this to "KUMADAI Heat Resistant Magnesium", we have established a technology to manufacture ultra-fine wires with a diameter of 3 mm.It is said that the average hair thickness of Japanese people is 2 mm, but it is half the thickness.This is also a major feature in that it set a new world record for the fineness of magnesium alloys.In addition to being considered for welding aircraft materials and being applied to 0.05D printers, it is also expected to be used as an instrument to be embedded in the body during surgery because it is gentle on the human body.

 Behind the progress of many technologies is the progress of materials.Breakthrough material development can sometimes be a driving force for breakthroughs in existing technologies.The development of substances with excellent properties will be the key to opening up new technologies.

Source: [Kumamoto University]The birth of ultra-lightweight, high-strength metal ultra-fine wire that will carry the next generation! -The world record is greatly updated by thinning magnesium alloy wire-

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