On December 2021, 12, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Shinsuke Suematsu reported on the recent administration of education, culture and science at the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy held at the Prime Minister's Office, and evaluated the quality of education and financial content, etc. He reiterated the idea that would lead to the realization of a science and technology nation.

 According to the Cabinet Office, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Suematsu attended the meeting as an extraordinary member and submitted a document entitled "Realization of a science and technology nation and human resource development."

 The material summarizes recent measures and results of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology toward a nation of science and technology.After acknowledging that the decline in science and technology capabilities of Japan is pointed out due to the decline in the ranking of the number of papers in the top 10% of the number of citations by country and the drastic decrease in the rate of advancement after completing the master's course, science and technology In order to realize a nation, it was necessary to develop diverse human resources who would be responsible for innovation.

 To that end, we will establish a university fund, strengthen support for distinctive research universities, strengthen entrepreneurship support in collaboration with local governments and private companies, and increase the number of doctoral students who earn income equivalent to living expenses by 2025. It was revealed that it is making efforts to improve treatment, such as increasing the number to about 3, which is three times the conventional number.

 Furthermore, regarding operating expenses subsidies to national university corporations and ordinary expenses subsidies to private universities, the national government evaluates universities that promote management reforms and strengthen education and research infrastructure in order to encourage changes in the behavior of each university. He emphasized that the budget is allocated in a sloping manner.As a result, industry-academia joint research and research funding from the private sector are gradually increasing.

reference:[Cabinet Office] Reiwa 16rd Year XNUMXth Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy

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