The government's Council of Experts, which discusses the correction of the overconcentration in Tokyo, presented the outline of the report that the 23 wards of Tokyo should not be allowed to increase the capacity of universities in principle.Since some committee members have been cautious about excessive regulation, we will adjust the wording in the future and compile a report in mid-May.The government will reflect the contents of the report in the guideline for economic and financial management, "Honebuto no Hoshi", and will begin to consider how regulations should be.

 According to the outline plan, the rate of university students in Tokyo is already about 200%, which is significantly higher than other prefectures, and the number of university students in the 23 wards of Tokyo continues to increase. It could lead to deterioration and withdrawal from the university.He also points out that there is a limit to how much the current situation can be overcome by the efforts of local governments and the support provided by grants.

 For universities in the 23 wards, even if it is allowed to abolish the existing faculties and departments within the range of the total capacity and establish new faculties and departments that meet the needs of society, in principle, the capacity of universities should be increased. If not, he set out the direction of restraint.
For national universities, the allocation of operating expenses subsidies should be considered in cases such as voluntary reductions in capacity or cases where the faculties and departments are not reviewed.
In the relocation of universities to rural areas, he appealed to consider prioritizing the establishment of satellite campuses of universities in the metropolitan area in prefectures with few universities.

 In the promotion of local universities, while requesting a review of subsidy allocation to each university and strengthening of industry-government-academia collaboration led by the head of the local government, a mechanism to study in Tokyo for 3 years in collaboration with a university in Tokyo and return to the region in the 4th grade. Is mentioned.

reference:[City / People / Work Creation Headquarters] Depending on the proceedings of the 5th Council of Experts on Promotion of Local Universities and Employment of Youth, etc.

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