According to a summary by the private credit bureau, Teikoku Databank, more than 7% of domestic companies are making new efforts to hire human resources in preparation for the employment front, which is said to be the "super-seller market."The smaller the company size, the higher the implementation rate of the efforts, which suggests the suffering of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is also called the “recruitment ice age”.

 The survey was conducted in February targeting 2 companies nationwide, of which 2 received responses.According to the report, 3,804% of the companies made new efforts to acquire human resources.

 The most common new initiative was the revision of the wage system, which was implemented by 46.6% of the total.Next was the enhancement of the employment system such as the introduction of shortened working hours and flextime, 23.5%, the utilization of recruitment companies, and the dissemination of recruitment information such as the placement of job advertisements 21.3%.The introduction of telework (* 1) promoted by the government as a pillar of work style reform was only 1.9%.

 Looking at the percentage of companies that decided to review their wage system by size, the rate of implementation increased as the size of the company became smaller, with 39.7% for large companies, 48.8% for small and medium-sized companies, and 54.2% for small companies.

 Among the human resources desired by companies, "ambitious person" was the most common at 49.0%. The 2nd place is "person with high communication ability" (38.6%), and the 3rd place is "honest personality" (32.2%).In large companies, one aspect of seeking "a person with high communication skills" has emerged.

* 1 Telework Use information and communication equipment to work at home or in satellite offices without being restricted by time or place.

reference:[Teikoku Databank] Survey of corporate attitudes regarding securing human resources

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