Mynavi Corporation announced the "2018 Graduate Mynavi University Student Employment Awareness Survey".

 Since 1979 graduated university students, Mynavi Corporation has been conducting the "Mynavi University Student Employment Awareness Survey" every year for the purpose of grasping the trends of students' employment consciousness and job hunting as a whole.This survey was conducted for third-year university students and first-year graduate students (at the start of the survey) who are expected to graduate in March 2018, and the number of valid responses was 3.

 According to the survey, the number one student's view of employment is "I want to work happily (1%)" as in the previous 2017 graduation, which has not changed in the last ten years. The 29.7nd place is "I want to balance my personal life and work (2%)", which has been increasing for 26.2 consecutive years since the 2013 graduation survey, and especially for science girls, I overtook "I want to work happily" and ranked 5st. became.As a result, it is thought that with the spread of the term "work-life balance", the balance between work and personal life is becoming more important as a view of employment.

 Regarding the orientation to large companies, the total of "Absolutely good companies are good" + "If you can do what you want to do, big companies are good" was 4.4%, 52.8 points higher than the previous year, the first time in eight years since graduating in 2010. The result was more than half.Among them, the number of science-related boys increased by 8 points from the previous year to 7.5%. 60.0 graduates have the same job hunting schedule as 2018 graduates, so it is easier to utilize the experiences of seniors, and due to the labor shortage of the past few years, the "seller market for students" has been received, and a larger company It seems that they tend to aim for employment in.

 In addition, the points of company selection are that "Companies that can do the work (occupation) that they want to do (38.1%)" and "Companies that are worthwhile to work (15.1%)" have decreased for 5 consecutive years, while "Stable". “Companies (30.7%)” and “Companies with good salaries (15.1%)” increased for the second consecutive year.As for the type of job aspiring, "Sales Planning / Sales Department (2%)" ranked first overall for eight consecutive years.

Reference: [Mynavi Corporation] Announced "2018 Graduate Mynavi University Student Employment Awareness Survey"

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