Of the small and medium-sized enterprises under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, about 5% do not hire university graduates at all or do not do it every year, and about 8% do not carry out work experience such as internships, which is the education of Tosho. It became clear in a questionnaire survey on support activities.From September, Tosho will support SMEs by providing work experience programs, internship seminars, and handbooks for problem solving.


The survey was conducted in June on a total of 6 companies randomly selected from Tosho members, standing members, branch officers, youth and industrial human resources development committee companies, and companies with 10 or more employees, of which 5,000 companies. I got an answer.

According to the report, only about half of the companies are implementing educational support activities such as accepting them to business establishments and dispatching instructors, and about 7% of the companies that are implementing them are large companies.Regular recruitment of university graduates is carried out every year by 207 large companies (76.1%) and 39 small and medium-sized companies (13.2%).There are 98 small and medium-sized enterprises (31.1%) that have been implemented in the past, but not now, which is more than four times that of 21 large enterprises (7.7%).4 large companies (38%) and 66.7 small and medium-sized companies (102%) have sufficient personnel.There were 49.8 small and medium-sized enterprises (72%) that were in trouble because the students did not gather.

While 123 large companies (45.2%) are conducting work experiences such as internships for college students, 24 small and medium-sized companies (7.6%).There were 115 small and medium-sized enterprises (42.3%), compared to 225 large enterprises (71.4%) that had never been implemented in the past.Of the 146 small and medium-sized enterprises (46.4%) that regularly hire university graduates every year and that are implemented year by year, only 19 (13.0%) have work experience.

Source:[Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry] About "Survey results on educational support activities in companies"

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