In the Department of Environmental Design, Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya Municipal Management with the concept of "Green Michikusa (Michikusa + Chikusa) Promenade" in the "City Bus / Subway Attractive Creation Project Utilizing Student Power", which is a student collaboration project of the Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya. We proposed the station space of Chikusa Subway Station, and a part of it will be realized in the renewal of the station.

 The "City Bus / Subway Attractive Creation Project Utilizing Student Power" is a student collaboration project in which the Transportation Bureau collaborates with universities in the city.The purpose is to promote the use and contribute to the revitalization of the city by creating new attractions for city buses and subways while utilizing the flexible creativity and information power of students.

This time, the "Green Michikusa (Michikusa + Chikusa) Promenade" proposed by a student at Kinjo Gakuin University is a "rest in a lively city" where Chikusa Station changes from "a place that just passes" to "a destination". The concept is "Forest of the Forest" and "A fun green walking path that makes you want to make a grass."

 In order to embody the image of the walking path proposed by the students, Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd., which agreed with the concept, will install a green wall (wall material), and JR Tokai Passengers Co., Ltd. will install a round bench using existing round pillars. , Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. will provide capsule benches installed in the connecting passages. The "Green Michikusa (Michikusa + Chikusa) Promenade" is scheduled to be built at Chikusa Station from autumn 2017 to summer 2018.

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