According to the Ministry of Justice's summary, the number of foreign students who got a job at a company or research institution in Japan in 2014 was 1, which was 2,958 more than 2013, and reached a record high for two consecutive years.The biggest cause is considered to be the increase in hiring of companies due to the economic recovery.

We investigated the number of foreigners with a status of residence of "College Student" who changed to "humanities knowledge / international business", "technology", etc. necessary for employment in Japan.According to the report, 2014 foreigners applied for a change of status of residence in 1, of which 4,170 were allowed.By nationality and region, the largest number was China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) with 1.This is followed by South Korea with 2,958, Vietnam with 8,347, Taiwan with 1,234, and Nepal with 611.

The types of employment are non-manufacturing industry with 1 people and manufacturing industry with 239 people.The non-manufacturing industry increased by 2,719 (1,226%) year-on-year, and the manufacturing industry increased by 79.0 (85%).In the non-manufacturing industry, there are 3.2 people in the commercial and trade fields and 2,926 people in the computer-related field, and in the manufacturing industry, 1,288 people in the electrical field and 511 people in the mechanical field occupy the top positions.Translation and interpretation were the most common jobs at 387 people, followed by sales, sales 3,190 people, and information processing 3,122 people, and these three people accounted for 1,038% of the total.
Monthly remuneration is 20 yen or more and less than 25 yen, which is the most common for 6,230 people, followed by less than 20 yen for 4,162 people, 25 yen or more and less than 30 yen for 1,347 people.The capital of the company in which the employee was employed was more than 10 billion yen, which was 2,437, but the majority of the employees were employed in companies with less than 5,000 million yen, which was 6,995.The number of employees at the company where they work was the highest at 50 with less than 5,267 employees.Including this, 300 people were employed in companies with less than 7,867 people, accounting for 60.7% of the total.Tokyo is the top employment company with 6,140 employees.Next came 1,354 people from Osaka prefecture and 854 people from Kanagawa prefecture.The final academic backgrounds of international students who have found employment are 5,872 university graduates, 4,483 graduate students who have received a master's degree or doctoral degree, and 2,130 vocational school graduates.

Source:[Ministry of Justice] Regarding the employment status of international students in Japanese companies in 26

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