The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has adopted the research theme for fiscal 2015 in the Nuclear Energy Basic Strategic Research Program, which studies various issues related to the use of nuclear power such as the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.Eleven projects promoted by universities, independent research institutes, and private companies, such as the development of new accident-resistant fuels and the elucidation of low-dose carcinogenic risks using mice, are expected to be completed within three years and help solve problems. ..

The basic research adopted is the development of a new accident-resistant fuel, a zirconium alloy with a self-healing protective film (Tohoku Univ.), And the development of a marine mobile radiation monitoring system using ships (Kobe) in the field of improving the safety of nuclear power utilization. Large), 5 cases including development of cliff edge avoidance technology at the time of earthquake (Tokyo Univ.) For comprehensive safety improvement of nuclear power plants.

In addition, in the field of radiation effects, three cases such as elucidation of low-dose carcinogenic risk using mice (Hiroshima Univ.), And in the field of high-temperature gas reactor, development of probabilistic safety evaluation method for high-temperature gas reactor (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) JAEA), in risk communication related to nuclear power, educational administration in response to the nuclear accident, risk management in educational settings, risk education and training of global human resources (Fukushima Univ.), In the field of nuclear technology innovation, thorium fuel simple reprocessing technology Basic research (Tokyo Institute of Technology) was selected.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has received 64 applications from universities nationwide, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency, which is an implementation support organization for this project, has set up a review committee consisting of outside experts to review the content. Was there.
* Cliff edge If this is exceeded, the earthquake motion will be close to the core meltdown accident.

Source:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Regarding the decision on the agenda to be adopted in the 27 "National Issues-Responding R & D Promotion Project, Nuclear Technology and Human Resources Development Promotion Project that Consolidates Wisdom"

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