On September 2015, 9, students who have passed the "gap year system", which is currently attracting attention at Akita International University (Akita City, Akita Prefecture), will be admitted.The gap year system is a system in which students who have passed the entrance examination enter after a certain period of leave, and at the university, enrollees using this gap year system will reach the 1th term this year. increase.

Students who pass the system will carry out their own planned activities and research during the period from April to August (gap year) in order to enrich their studies at the university and to think about their future. increase.By reporting the results of these activities after enrollment, 4 credits of internship will be awarded.

The activity blog by the 9th gen members who enroll in September contains the plans and progress of the students for 12 months.Mr. Rudolph (male, Kyoto Prefecture) is active under the theme of "knowing the wisdom of indigenous people."He traveled to the United States to gather information, participated in forums and lectures on indigenous peoples, and introduced people he met there to talk about his experience of staying in the land of the indigenous Navajo people in Arizona.
In addition, there are also students who actually went to Nepal and reported on the activities of reconstruction volunteers after the Great Earthquake.The students reported on these activities in English as an interim report around June.

Until now, the gap year system was introduced only at the same university and Tokyo University, but from this fall, it will be introduced at 2 universities such as Kobe University and educational institutions such as junior colleges and vocational schools, for a total of 10 schools. And, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the selection result of the introduction school by the subsidy grant.This is an entrance examination system that is likely to become more widespread in Japan in the future.

Source:[Akita International University] Gap year 12th gen member activity blog

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