Toyo Gakuen University utilizes the audio advertising project "Digital Audio Creative School Day Camp" by Advertising Council Co., Ltd. and FM Tokyo Co., Ltd. to distribute radio commercials that support people who are doing their best, such as students taking exams and students who are working hard. ..

 This voice advertising project started with the desire to send an ale from Toyo Gakuen University to those who are working hard every day toward the future they envisioned.We auditioned for radio commercial tie-up songs, and with more than 10 groups of artists participating, we decided to collaborate with folk singer / songwriter Ji Hyang.

 The title of the newly written song in collaboration with Toyo Gakuen University and Ji Hyang is "0:00" (Nijuyoji). Based on JiHyang's own experience, it is a cheering song for all those who fight, such as examinees, job hunters, and those who challenge to take on a new path. Through Ji Hyang's enveloping singing voice and sincere message, we will deliver a "sound" that warms the hearts of those who do their best and is slightly encouraging.

 A CM with Ji Hyang's own narration at "0:00" has been broadcast on TOKYO FM and Spotify since December 2021, 12, and songs will be distributed on various music distribution platforms on December 6. It was released on December 12th, and has been distributed on the Toyo Gakuen University examinee site.

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University Examination Student Site] To Takaumi

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