Tokyo University of the Arts will introduce a new upbringing program to the Faculty of Music from 2016 that combines a jump-in system for enrolling in the second year of high school and an early graduation system for completing the university in the third year. By graduating at the age of 20, the aim is to make it easier to study abroad at a music university overseas after graduation.The university is enthusiastic about developing leading artists who are active on the international stage of classical music.

 The target is the violin, cello string major and piano major in the Faculty of Music, Department of Instrumental Music.A few people will be selected from the practical examinations and interviews in which top-class musicians participate in the judging, and the winning history of international competitions.The entrance fee and the tuition fee for the first year are exempted, and if the grades are excellent, the tuition fee will be exempted from the next year onward, and a special scholarship will be provided for travel expenses to participate in the concert.After enrollment, individual lessons will take more than twice as long as usual, and you will be given priority to take opportunities to play abroad and special lessons from top musicians.The selection test and the announcement of the results are scheduled for November.

 The fastest way to become a leading classical musician on the international stage is to study abroad at prestigious music colleges overseas, such as the Paris National Conservatory of Music in France and the Berlin University of the Arts in Germany.However, the student exchange system between Japanese and overseas music colleges is not fully functioning, and many overseas music colleges have age restrictions on admission, so they take a leave of absence or drop out to study abroad. There was no other way.In addition, there are an increasing number of cases in which the musical path is abandoned in the late teens due to financial reasons while having talent, so it seems that great expectations will be gathered for this new training program.

Source:[Tokyo University of the Arts] Implementation of "Jump-in", "Special Soloist Program (SSP)" and "Early Education Project (EEP)" in the Faculty of Music (PDF)

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