A research group led by Professor Toru Nanno of Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, has succeeded in developing an aging cell-removing vaccine.

 In this group, aging cells (cells whose chromosomes are damaged and cell division has stopped) accumulate in tissues due to metabolic stress such as aging and obesity, causing chronic inflammation, which is a lifestyle-related disease. It has been clarified that it is involved in the onset and progression of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.It has been reported that selective removal of accumulated senescent cells (senorisis) can improve pathological senescence traits in age-related diseases, but a method for removing senescent cells without side effects has not been developed. ..

 In this study, GPNMB was identified as an senescent antigen specifically expressed in senescent cells.Selective removal of GPNMB-positive senescent cells in genetically modified model mice showed improvement in glucose metabolism disorders and arteriosclerosis associated with obesity. is.When inoculated, the antibody titer against GPNMB increased significantly, and we designed a vaccine that can selectively eliminate aging cells (senorisis) by an immune reaction with the induced antibody, and examined the effect. And improvement of chronic inflammation was observed.It was confirmed that obese mice improved glucose metabolism and arteriosclerosis, elderly mice suppressed the progression of frailty (decreased physical function) with aging, and progeria model mice had a life-prolonging effect.

 Senolytic vaccines have fewer side effects and longer duration of effect than traditional senescent cell removers.By confirming the improvement effect on diabetes, arteriosclerosis and frailty syndrome and the life extension effect on progeria in this study, aging cell removal targeting aging antigens will be used as a new treatment for various age-related diseases in the future. The clinical application of the vaccine to humans is expected.

Paper information:[Nature Aging] Senolytic vaccination improves normal and pathological age-related phenotypes and increases lifespan in progeroid mice

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