Chiba University of Commerce will hold a sports event "Photo Rogain in Ichikawa" on May 2017, 5 in Ichikawa City, where you can go around checkpoints while taking pictures.

 "Photo rogaining" is an abbreviation for "Photo Rogaining", which is a sport in which you go around the checkpoint within the time limit while reading a map, take the same picture as the checkpoint, and collect points.In recent years, it has become increasingly popular internationally as a recreation that anyone from children to adults can enjoy.

 This time, which is the second time, we will compete for points while discovering the charm of Ichikawa under the theme of "If you take a picture, you will remember it, if you sit down, you will enjoy gourmet food."You can run in earnest as a running event, or you can participate as if you were walking to create memories with your family and enjoy the beautiful flowers and scenery.Each person has their own way of enjoying.

 The starting point is the cafeteria "The University DINING" at Chiba University of Commerce.The number of applicants is 2, which is double the previous number.The competition time is 300 hours, and prizes will be given to individuals or teams with high total points.Those who wish to participate can apply from the Chiba University of Commerce website below.The deadline is May 3th (Friday), and the reception will end when the number of applicants reaches the capacity.

 Volunteer students are in charge of planning and managing the event.Develop planning ability, execution ability, and ability to think independently by creating a plan, coordinating with supporting organizations, and creating posters for announcements.

<Guidelines for "Photo Rogaining in Ichikawa">
[Date and time] May 2017, 5 (Sun) 28: 8-30: 15 * Rainy weather, stormy weather cancellation
[Meeting place] Chiba University of Commerce cafeteria "The University DINING"
[Participation fee] Junior high school students and above 1,500 yen, children (4 years old and above and elementary school students and below) 500 yen, 3 years old and under free
[Participation criteria] Children must be accompanied by an adult (up to 1 children per adult)

reference:[Chiba University of Commerce] Information on the 2nd "Photo Rogaining in Ichikawa" (5/28)

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