Cybozu Teamwork Research Institute, which provides methods for teamwork and work style reform to companies and organizations, surveys 2022 new adult students in 400 about "ideal work styles."It turns out that students who have experienced the Corona disaster do not want a fixed way of working.

 Students who will become new adults in 2022 will experience student life in Corona. As of December 2021, only 12% of the lessons are "face-to-face lessons only", 2% are "more online lessons", and less than 3% are "similar to online lessons and face-to-face lessons".It turns out that the majority of new adult students are taking online lessons, even now that the infection is relatively calm.

 When asked "What kind of work would you like to do if you became a member of society?", More than 7% of the respondents answered "Both commuting and telework."Looking at each option, 4% of the respondents said that "the date and time should be selected at their own discretion", followed by 3% that "the date and time should be instructed by the company" and "only commuting to work" as the ideal working style for new adults. Was only 2%.In addition, XNUMX% of the respondents who answered "only commuting to work" are new adults whose "current lesson style" is "many face-to-face lessons", and it seems that the lesson style may have an influence on the imagination of working style. is.

 When asked about the ideal way of working, "anxiety about the work style that was not selected", "anxiety about infection" about "only commuting to work", as well as "burden on work" in terms of efficiency and physical strength. Feeling ". Regarding "anxiety about telework", at the same time as "anxiety about communication", "anxiety about one's own condition" such as isolation and motivation, "anxiety about communication environment", and "fixed working style itself" In terms of efficiency and emergency response, there was anxiety about not being able to respond flexibly.
Many new adults are worried about the fixed work style of the alternative, and it seems that they want to take in the good points of both when they work in a well-balanced manner.

 As for "where do you want to work", half answered "locally", followed by "in Tokyo" at 3%, which was the same tendency as the previous survey conducted in December 2018.In addition, in the ideal image of a member of society, the first place is "father", the second place is "parents", the third place is "mother", and the fourth place is "manager / president" and "Shohei Otani".Otani has risen from 12th place in the previous survey.

Reference: [Cybozu Teamwork Research Institute] XNUMX% of new adults have a hybrid work of "both commuting to work and telework" as the ideal way of working.

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