Tokyo University of Technology conducted a questionnaire survey of 2017 new students in 1,730 regarding the usage of communication tools.

 Tokyo University of Technology has been conducting this survey every year since 2014, and this is the fourth time.According to the survey, as for social network king service (SNS), "LINE" (4%) and "Twitter" (98.2%) maintained high usage rates as in the previous survey, and "Instagram" (up 81.5 points, 5%). %) Is on the rise, and “SNOW” (33.2%), which allows you to easily process images, exceeds “Facebook” (28.2%) despite being a new service, and the usage rate of girls is “Instagram” (16.2%). ) Lined up.

 As for the means of contact with friends, almost all of them are "LINE" (97.7%).Next was "Twitter direct message" (41.1%).On the other hand, “Mobile / smartphone carrier email” (26.8%) continued to decline.

 The most reliable media for information is "television" (53.8%), which has a high contact rate as a source of information, with 65% support for girls.Next was "newspaper" (15.3%). SNS such as "Internet News" (14.5%) and "Twitter" (7.7%) had slightly lower results than the contact rate.As for the media that are getting information about the movement of the world, the top "TV" (84.7%) and "Twitter" (58.2%) have maintained the same level from the previous time.On the other hand, "LINE" (54.6%), which is used by almost everyone, has increased rapidly, and nearly 7% (67.3%) of girls are also using it as news media.

Reference: [Tokyo University of Technology] Announced a survey on the actual use of "communication tools" by new students at Tokyo University of Technology in 2017.

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