Tsuda College plans to establish a new Faculty of Policy Studies (tentative name) on the Sendagaya Campus in April 2017.Prior to the new establishment, the "Comprehensive Policy Faculty Establishment Preparation Office Site" that introduces the concept and class contents of the newly established faculty has been released from August 4, 2015.

From the source

From the source

 The newly established "Faculty of Comprehensive Policy (Assumption)" will learn about the solutions to various issues facing the modern society, where globalization, IT, and the declining birthrate and aging population are rapidly advancing, and fostering women who can contribute to society. It will be newly established for the purpose of.This is the first time that a "Faculty of Comprehensive Policy (Assumption)" has been established as a women's university.

 The department plans to have three basic subjects: "English", "Social Science", and "Data Science".The feature is small-group education, which utilizes PBL (problem-based learning) methods.By studying globalization theory and environmental and economic management, you will acquire data analysis skills that can appropriately extract social issues, advanced communication skills using English, and action skills and leadership to put your own ideas into reality.

 Toshihito Kayano, Director of the Foundation Preparation Office of the Faculty of Comprehensive Policy, said, "The wide range of liberal arts education and advanced English education that Tsuda College has cultivated so far has been developed into a more practical direction of" problem-solving, "and conventional lectures. By moving away from the central university education and utilizing the PBL method, we will develop human resources who have the ability to make independent decisions and think strongly. " He talks about the direction and significance.

Source:[Tsuda Juku University] Tsuda Juku University Faculty of Policy Management Foundation Preparation Office Site

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