Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyu Corporation and Hankyu Corporation will collaborate to conduct a demonstration experiment on visualization of congestion in trains from January 2022.

 In the demonstration experiment, we will verify the accuracy of the "congestion degree analysis technology in trains" (patent pending) developed by Tsujimoto Laboratory of the Faculty of Environmental and Social Sciences and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology.By visualizing congestion information in trains and providing it to passengers before boarding in real time, we aim to encourage passengers to board vehicles with low congestion and meet the needs of passengers who want to avoid congestion as much as possible.

 In the experiment, the Bluetooth signal of the smartphone of the train passenger was acquired by the "congestion analysis device" installed at the station, and the congestion situation was analyzed by AI on the cloud. In order to improve the accuracy of AI analysis, AI will be tuned by combining the congestion situation taken and measured with a "high-speed camera" from the platform of the station.The high-speed camera does not have a face recognition function, and the analyzed data does not include information that can identify the individual customer.Furthermore, the image data is handled only between Tokyu Corporation and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and between Hankyu Corporation and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and is used only for analysis of the number of passengers in the train in an environment inaccessible to third parties. Delete immediately after the analysis is completed.

 This demonstration experiment is within the Innovation Design Platform (IdP) led by Tokyo Institute of Technology, which was adopted for the "SCORE" university promotion type (base urban environment improvement type), a support project carried out by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. It is implemented with the support of the GAP fund, and after the support is completed, it aims to be commercialized by a venture from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Reference: [Hankyu Corporation] Tokyu Corporation and Hankyu Corporation will carry out a demonstration experiment on "visualization of congestion in trains" in collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology (PDF).

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