On May 5, a research team led by Professor Mori of Kyoto Institute of Technology announced that they have succeeded in protecting proteins that treat affected areas in humans and at the same time working for a long period of time using the pathogenic virus of silk moth.

 Viruses that infect insects, such as silk moths, form very sturdy polyhedra, protein microcrystals that are several microns in size, in which the virus can protect itself for years. ..Then, when the insect eats the leaf to which this polyhedrosis is attached, the polyhedrosis begins to melt in the digestive tract of the insect, the virus in it is released and propagates in the insect body, and finally the polyhedrosis is formed again and itself. Repeat the cycle of protecting.

 This time, the research team thought that it might be possible to protect proteins that are vulnerable to heat, drying, ultraviolet rays, etc. by using a polygon that protects this virus, and put only the necessary proteins in the polygon, not the virus. Developed the method.

 In the case of cartilage and bone regeneration, special proteins to increase them need to work in the affected area for a long period of time (at least one month or more), but so far there has been no way to do so.However, since cartilage and bone can be made over a long period of time by using polygons, we will use these polygons to treat osteoarthritis associated with cartilage loss and bone regeneration with Cambridge University. We are conducting joint research, and we plan to start working on clinical trials soon, especially with regard to bone regeneration.

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