The curriculum created by Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture) will be adopted overseas for the first time.We adopted the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), which is scheduled to open in October 2015. Eight faculty members received training on the campus of Kanazawa Institute of Technology from August 10th to 8th, learned the lesson management method of "project design education" which is the main pillar of the curriculum, and created teaching materials and themes to be used in the lessons.This is the third training and the final training just before the opening of the school.

The reason why the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology adopted the curriculum of Kanazawa Institute of Technology is that Vietnam is aiming to become an industrial nation by 2020 and actively attracts Japanese companies.Currently, there is an extremely shortage of engineers and managers who actually operate the company under Japanese management, which is a problem for Japanese companies to expand into Vietnam.Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Technology (HUTEC) in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam, has newly established the Etsu-Japan Institute of Technology in the city as a Japanese-style manufacturing university aiming to develop engineers and managers who understand Japanese manufacturing. Will be established in.

In May 2014, HUTEC visited major science and engineering universities in Japan and investigated the curriculum.As a result, the entire curriculum implements an educational program that "teams work on problems that have various solutions, clarify the problems to be solved, and create and implement solutions under constraints." Kanazawa Institute of Technology has decided to adopt it because it is evaluated as the best Japanese-style manufacturing university.A memorandum of understanding regarding the cooperative relationship was signed in June 5.

Source: [Kanazawa Institute of Technology]
Kanazawa Institute of Technology "exports overseas" curriculum for the first time Eight faculty members of Kanazawa Institute of Technology who adopted the curriculum of Kanazawa Institute of Technology trained at Kanazawa Institute of Technology

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Kanazawa Institute of Technology has 4 departments in 12 faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information Frontier, Faculty of Architecture, and Faculty of Biotechnology and Chemistry, and realizes a wide range of learning fields in collaboration with faculties, graduate schools, and research institutes. "Working on ambiguous problems as a team, clarifying the problems to be solved, creating solutions under constraints, […]

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