Chiba City is conducting an "autonomous driving vehicle social implementation support project for future technology and other social implementation promotion projects" for the social implementation of new mobility services that utilize autonomous driving for visitors to Makuhari New City. On January 2022th and 1th, 15, a demonstration experiment of an autonomous vehicle was conducted in the Makuhari New City area, and Saitama Institute of Technology participated.

 Saitama Institute of Technology, Sompo Japan, Aisan Technology, and CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in the demonstration experiment, mainly by Keisei Bus.In addition to verifying the technical issues of autonomous driving in the region and their solutions, we also verified the possibility of mobile services using autonomous driving technology.On the technical side, we mainly evaluate the accuracy of GNSS, and respond to left and right turns and congested sections in a multi-lane environment. And verified the business feasibility.

 Saitama Institute of Technology provided the self-driving minibus (Liesse II) developed and used, and cooperated in tuning support and driver training.Autonomous driving is carried out on a 6km round-trip public road course, and on the first day, Mayor Kamiya Chiba also took a test drive and actually experienced the running of an autonomous driving bus that runs smoothly.In addition, the test drive monitor reserved in advance had a capacity of 9 people each time, and 5 flights were tested every day, for a total of 90 people.

 Saitama Institute of Technology's self-driving bus is characterized by being able to drive safely on public roads within legal speeds without any special traffic restrictions, mixed with general vehicles.In addition to participating in many demonstration experiments in the prefecture, including the local city of Fukaya in Saitama prefecture, outside the prefecture, Hyogo prefecture / Nishiharima, Aichi prefecture / Himakajima, Kanagawa prefecture / Yokosuka, Tochigi prefecture / Motegi town, etc. We have participated in many demonstration experiments and have been developing automatic driving technology. We are improving our autonomous driving technology by actively utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) technology and developing our own software necessary for autonomous driving.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Technology Development Center] Article on the autonomous driving bus demonstration experiment in Makuhari New City

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