Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University will offer an online program "BEGIN Jr." for new high school first to third graders all over Japan from March 1nd (Tuesday) to 3th (Thursday), 2022. Conduct for a day. Held in the summer of 3, it is a global and densely popular program whose number of applications has greatly exceeded the number of applicants.

 This program aims to improve problem-finding and problem-solving abilities with the concept of "connecting each other's growth infinitely through basic learning."The host language is Japanese, except for exchange meetings with foreign students.Through discussions and presentations, we will develop the ability to know and accept diverse values ​​and achieve them to the end.The participating high school students will draw their own figure 10 years from now and announce their future vision.During the program, faculty members from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and international students will support high school students as facilitators.

 Those who wish to participate will apply by the dedicated form by February 2022, 2 (Friday).The recruitment capacity is 11 people. It is a condition that you can comfortably participate in the pre-exchange meeting from 48:3 on March 16 (Sun) and all the programs for 19 days online (Zoom, miro).If there are a large number of applications, selection will be conducted based on the application details.The participation fee is 00 yen.

reference:[Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University] Online Global Human Resources Development Camp for High School Students BEGIN Jr. Program Participant Recruitment 

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