"Fashion brand strategy theory" of the Department of Social Informatics, Mejiro University, inviting a person in charge of a famous fashion brand company as a lecturer to hear valuable stories from the company site. In the class on May 5nd (Friday), Mr. Kenichi Aono, Creative Director of BEAMS BEAMS Creative Research Institute Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on the theme of "Beams Culture as a Brand Core".

This course was started in collaboration with IFI Business School (Fashion Industry Human Resources Development Organization) under the coordination of Professor Kazuo Takatani (Department of Social Informatics).Lectures will be given by the person in charge who is active on the front lines of famous fashion brand companies.
With the theme of fashion, which is familiar to students, as a course that can be learned practically from the person in charge of a popular brand company, it is popular every year, and about 180 students, mainly first graders, are taking this year as well.

Other than BEAMS lectures, "Learn ZARA's management strategy", "Learn Tomorrowland's management strategy", and "Learn visual merchandising as a specialist" by Adastria Holdings Co., Ltd., which is known for the LOWRYS FARM brand. , The person in charge of a brand popular with young people takes the stage as a lecturer.Students also said that they were able to get a real idea of ​​the company's marketing and sales strategies.In the future, in addition to "3COINS Brand Strategy", courses will be held until mid-July.

Source:[Mejiro University] Learn "Beams Culture", Department of Social Informatics!

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