On January 2022, 1, Otemon Gakuin University and Taisho University signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement.Both universities have "regions" as one of their academic fields in the metropolitan areas of Tokyo and Osaka, and share the "knowledge of regional development" and "network extending east and west" that they have cultivated so far.In the future, we will promote the development of community-oriented education and research programs and the shared use of educational facilities, create a practical learning base that covers the entire country while sharing the practical knowledge of the past, and further education and education. We will continue to advance our research.

 The two universities have been promoting educational cooperation even before the agreement was signed, and in December 2021, students from the Faculty of Regional Studies of Otemon Gakuin University visited Taisho University.In addition to observing the revitalization efforts being promoted by Taisho University in the shopping district in Sugamo, and experiencing the sale of special products brought in, a joint workshop was held to exchange opinions on issues related to revitalization of the shopping district. ..

 Otemon Gakuin University's Faculty of Regional Development (opened in 2015), which focuses on regional development and problem solving as the theme of education and research, and Taisho University's Faculty of Regional Development (opened in 2016), which approaches regional revitalization and urban issues. Has emphasized learning from field work through planning and practice, and has expanded the field of learning in collaboration with various local governments, regions, and shopping districts.

 The learning that private universities in metropolitan areas, rather than local national and public universities, approach local and regional issues while having an "urban perspective" is unique to both universities, and in the future, we will make use of the features of both universities. Further promote education and research collaboration.

Reference: [Otemon Gakuin University] Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Taisho University 

Otemon Gakuin University

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