Kyosuke Nagata, Chairman of the Japan Association of National Universities (President of the University of Tsukuba), announced a discourse seeking the public's understanding of accepting foreign students from abroad at Corona.Some people are concerned about accepting international students due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but they are calling for understanding that human resource development for the future must be continued.

 According to the Japan Association of National Univ. Explained the current situation.

 In addition, there are international students who enrolled in a national university in Japan two years ago, but are taking distance lessons in their own country without being able to enter the country. He reported on the actual situation of international students who are worried about immigration restrictions, saying that some international students have changed their minds.

 On top of that, he emphasized that even if immigration easing is realized for many waiting international students, national universities will strive to prevent the spread of infection in accordance with government policy.As specific measures, we are seeking the understanding of the public by using a dedicated bus when moving from the airport, appropriately watching over while waiting, and promptly and appropriately quarantining when a positive person is found.

reference:[The Japan Association of National Universities] Regarding the publication of "To the people, acceptance of future international students (request) (chairperson's discourse)"

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