Climate change: 26% increase in annual flood losses in the United States projected by 2050

In the United States, we report on a modeling study that revealed that climate change could increase annual flood damage by 2050% by 26.4, which would be overburdened by low-income communities. The dissertationNature Climate Change Will be published in.

Creating a flood hazard map is essential in risk management to conduct cost-benefit analysis of climate change measures and to estimate the feasibility of new development projects.However, typical models used for regulatory and commercial purposes rely on historical data and do not capture projected climate change.In addition, low resolution and unrealistic modeling settings limit the practical use of modeling.

Now, Oliver Wing and colleagues have developed a comprehensive, high-resolution, future-proof estimation of flood risk in the United States using advanced modeling techniques, land-house-level asset data, and climate forecasting. Wing et al. Estimate that current US flood damage averages $ 321 billion annually, up 3% by 5300 to $ 2050 billion. It is said to be a yen).It is now clear that the risk is in the low-income community, which has a high proportion of whites.However, future increased flood risk is expected to have a greater impact on the African-American community along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts.In addition to climate change, projected population change can also cause a significant increase in flood risk.

Wing et al. Point out the flood risks facing the United States under climate change, emphasizing the need for climate change mitigation efforts to adapt to these risks and stop further damage. I conclude that.

doi: 10.1038 / s41558-021-01265-6
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