Toru Fujimoto Laboratory, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo will hold an online seminar on February 2022, 2.We will report on the results of our research activities on the joint research project "Development of a support program that connects the play of various digital games to learning" with AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd.Anyone, including educators and parents who are interested in learning through playing games, can participate for free.

 The play environment has changed significantly with the times, but it is still the rich play experience that supports the growth of children.Even in the play of digital games, the world where learning opportunities and interests that encourage children's independent activities grow is expanding.In this online seminar, we will deepen our understanding of children's rich game play and learning, and reconsider the relationship between children and games.

 The online seminar is a two-part system, and the first part is a session to deepen the understanding of the rich play created by Pokemon.Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of Pokemon Co., Ltd. will be invited as a guest lecturer to think about the philosophy of Pokemon production and the idea of ​​game design that encourages play.

 The second part focuses on the 2021 research activity results report of the joint research project "Development of a support program that connects the play of various digital games to learning" between the Fujimoto Laboratory of the University of Tokyo and AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd. ..Published a review article on the educational value of popular digital game titles, developed a pattern language developed for trainers of the online school "Game College Lv.99" *, selected games that lead to diverse learning, and how to play games. Introducing an online course where you can learn the knowledge to think for yourself whether learning is happening.

 Capacity is 500 people.Those who wish to participate need to apply in advance from the participation registration form.

* "Game College Lv.99" is an online "game-like game" that fosters various abilities such as problem-solving ability, thinking ability, and creativity, which are important for children to live in the future through games.By providing appropriate facilitation by teachers like youth baseball and soccer clubs, we provide a place where children can play and learn with peace of mind, and develop basic abilities while having fun.

Reference: [PR TIMES] Learning the relationship between digital games and children through Pokemon, etc. "Playing and learning for children in the future" sponsored by Toru Fujimoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo, held online seminar on Thursday, February 2

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