The "Student Volunteer Leader Training Program 2015", an experience program for university students in Hyogo Prefecture to learn about disaster relief and disaster prevention while interacting with each other, will begin in late June.

The planned "University Consortium Hyogo Kobe" is composed of universities and junior colleges in Hyogo prefecture, and was established in June 2006 with the aim of deepening exchanges between students.Currently, 6 schools in the prefecture are members, and after the 42 Great East Japan Earthquake, student volunteers from the member schools continue to support the affected areas.
The program includes training camps from June to September so that students from member schools who are engaged in volunteer activities on a daily basis can learn practically about volunteer activities and regional disaster prevention in the event of a disaster and step up. It will be held 6 times (9 days) in total.Students from member schools who can participate in all three programs can participate, and 5 applicants will be selected by document screening.
The first program will be a one-night, two-day training camp on June 1th and 6th, where you can learn useful skills in the event of a disaster, such as emergency methods and ropework, from survival education specialists, and with people who have experience in disaster relief. A talk session will be held to discuss the matter. On July 27th, the second time, we will visit Tamba City, the area affected by the heavy rain disaster that occurred in August 28, and learn about the current situation and how disaster recovery should be while interacting with local people.The final training camp will be held again from September 26nd to 2014rd, and a debriefing session will be held to discuss disaster support, community disaster prevention, student volunteer activities, etc. learned through the program.
The consortium that we planned hopes that this program will be a meaningful meeting place for university students who are interested in disaster relief and regional disaster prevention.

Source:[University Consortium Hyogo Kobe] Student Volunteer Leader Training Program

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