A joint survey by Recruit and the National High School PTA Association found that conversations between high school students and their parents were increasing due to the corona sickness.Parents' attitudes regarding the career paths of high school students have reduced interference and indifference, and the number of cases in which high school students feel "just right" has exceeded 70%, the highest ever.

 The survey was conducted from September to October 2021 for second-year high school students and their parents who live in the seven prefectures of Tokyo, Hokkaido and Yamagata, Ibaraki, Niigata, Mie, Wakayama, Shimane, and Okinawa. We asked them to answer from the screen, and we received responses from 9 high school students and 10 parents.

 According to the report, 29% of both high school students and parents answered that the conversation between parents and children "increased" due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection. 3% of high school students and 2% of parents answered that they had "decreased", and it became clear that the increase in home time increased the conversation between parents and children.

 Most of the increased conversations were about society and politics, about the future and career paths, and about mind and health.Parents' attitudes regarding career choices felt by high school students were 2 points from the previous survey two years ago, and 8 points were "somewhat indifferent" and "too indifferent". While the number decreased, the number of high school students who answered "just right" increased by 0.3 points to over 8%, the highest ever.

 Goichi Akado, Editor-in-Chief of Recruit "Career Guidance," analyzed that "I think we are witnessing the social impact of the new Corona and are aware that we do not know how social values ​​and ideals will change." is doing.

reference:[Recruit] Conversations between parents and children are on the rise due to the corona sickness, and topics are diversifying.

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