Pain sometimes occurs in a wider range than expected from the degree of tissue and nerve damage, and at the same time various symptoms (central sensitization-related symptoms) such as tiredness, insomnia, memory loss, and mood disorders. May present.This time, Mr. Yuyuki Koga and Professor Shu Morioka, who are graduates of the master's program at Kio University, have a contrasting pain intensity while both the Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI), which is an evaluation index for central sensitization-related symptoms, is high. I discovered the existence of a group (cluster).

 Although many studies have shown that CSI is associated with chronic pain, its association with pain intensity and pain threshold remains unclear.Therefore, in this study, CSI and pain intensity were scored for 146 painful patients, and based on the results of these two evaluations, a cluster analysis was performed to extract populations with similar properties.

 As a result, there are three clusters (C1, C2, C3) in which CSI and pain are associated, such as mild, moderate, and severe, and CSI is high but pain intensity is mild. One characteristic cluster (C4) that was not associated with CSI and pain was identified.

 Since both C3 and C4 had a high CSI value but a contrasting (severe / mild) pain intensity relationship, these characteristics were compared and verified.Then, there was almost no difference in the onset of central sensitization-related symptoms and psychological factors (catastrophic thinking of pain and indicators of anxiety / depression). It was found that they were very similar except for.

 Patients who complain of tiredness and insomnia (C4 cases) even though the pain is not so strong are often regarded as indefinite complaints and neglected compared to cases where painful patients complain of such symptoms. ..However, this study found that there was no difference in other central sensitization-related symptoms even in patients with different levels of pain.Since such symptoms become an inhibitor of exercise and pain may be difficult to improve, it can be said that appropriate measures should be taken without disregarding them.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Characteristics of clusters with contrasting relationships between central sensitization-related symptoms and pain

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