In April 2022, Tokyo College of Music will open an attached orchestra academy.The course was originally scheduled to start in April 4, but it was postponed due to the great impact on students and teachers due to the Corona disaster.

 The Tokyo College of Music Orchestra Academy aims to teach musicians who can play an active role in professional orchestras in Japan and overseas as orchestra players, and to develop musicians with advanced performance abilities.

 With Tadaaki Otaka, who is the regular conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, as the music director, it is a training institution for orchestra players newly established by Tokyo University of Music. In addition to weekly orchestra training, chamber music training, individual lessons, and concerts It features a fulfilling curriculum that also includes such things as.Since the professors with abundant experience and high expertise provide direct guidance, it is possible to acquire skills and artistry that are familiar to the professional world.

 From February 2022, 2, the second recruitment of the first students will start.The application and examination fee transfer period is from February 21 (Monday) to March 1 (Thursday).The recruited instruments are violin / viola / cello / contrabass / flute / oboe / clarinet / bassoon / horn / trumpet / trombone / bass trombone / trombone.The recruitment staff is slightly limited for each instrument.

 The venue for the first batch of students has already been decided to be the "1nd Beppu Argerich Music Festival 22", which is directed by the world-famous pianist Martha Argerich.The experience of playing on the big stage, which attracts a lot of attention, will be valuable in the future music life.

Reference: [Kunitachi College of Music] We are recruiting the first and second students of the Orchestra Academy attached to Tokyo College of Music.The first performance is Beppu Argerich Music Festival 2022


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