The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced that 6 people including the 23th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition were decided at the 150th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition held on June 59.

 In Japan, as a national project, an observation team has been dispatched to the Antarctic region to continuously carry out observation activities. 2017 is a milestone year of the 60th anniversary of the opening of Syowa Station.So far, we have achieved many scientific achievements related to the entire earth, such as the discovery of ozone holes and large numbers of meteorites, the mechanism of aurora generation, and the elucidation of climate change over the past 72 years, as well as the elucidation of the Antarctic ecosystem. ..

 The Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition has a "wintering corps" that stays throughout the year and a "summer corps" that returns home without overwintering, and can be divided into "basic observation", "research observation", and "setup" respectively. ..

 The selection of candidate members is carried out by the National Institute of Polar Research, which is the core implementation organization of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, based on recommendations from related organizations, universities and research institutes.Many university officials such as Hokkaido University, Tokyokaiyo University, and University of Tsukuba will participate in the 59th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition selected this time as those engaged in "basic observation" and "research observation".In addition, experts in various fields such as machinery, communication, cooking, and medical care will also be active in the "setup" category.

 In addition, two educators who will accompany the summer corps have also been decided.Taking advantage of the accompanying experience, information will be disseminated to elementary, junior high and high school students in Japan through "Antarctic lessons".

 The squad will be composed of a total of 41 members, including Captain Doi and Deputy Captain Kizu, who have already been decided, with 32 members of the Summer Corps and 73 members of the Wintering Corps, and the remaining members and companions will be decided in the future. We are planning to leave Japan in late November and board the Antarctic research ship "Shirase" at Fremantle, Australia, and head for Syowa Station.

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