Kyoto University and Fujitsu (Headquarters, Tokyo, President Tatsuya Tanaka), a comprehensive electronics manufacturer, provide effective education based on learning data such as course records and teaching material browsing history accumulated in various learning support systems within the university. We have started collaborative research to establish a method.The research will continue until March 2016, aiming at the probability of an objective evaluation method for improving university education, which has tended to be left to the experience and judgment of individual faculty members.

Flow from integration / analysis / visualization of evidence data to demonstration (from press release)

Flow from integration / analysis / visualization of evidence data to demonstration (from press release)

Kyoto University has introduced various educational support systems around 2004, and has accumulated learning data such as class attendance status, test results, and reference dates and times for teaching materials and materials.In addition, edX, which was the first Japanese university to offer a lecture in 2014, records the date and time of viewing the teaching material video and the response status of the comprehension test.

Kyoto University and Fujitsu have extracted and analyzed data from various educational support systems on campus, starting with data from large-scale public online lectures.The analysis results will be widely used in the field of education, and the students' understanding of learning obtained from the test results and the satisfaction level found from the questionnaire will be evaluated and the effects will be verified.

As the government aims to raise Japanese universities to the world's top level in the Japan Revitalization Strategy, there is an urgent need to improve university education.For this reason, Kyoto University and Fujitsu will make teachers visible about the effects of improving educational methods and curriculum, while informing students of their position in rankings such as learning efforts and exam results. , I'm thinking of increasing my motivation to learn.

* EdX A large-scale public online lecture provider operated by a non-profit organization operated by the world's top university alliance represented by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Source:[Fujitsu Limited] Kyoto University and Fujitsu start joint research to realize new education and learning utilizing learning evidence data

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