A research group led by Professor Eiji Shimizu of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center of Chiba University Hospital, in collaboration with the Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, clinically confirmed the effectiveness of the Internet self-help cognitive behavioral therapy program for adults with sleeplessness problems. Revealed by testing.

 About 2% of Japanese people suffer from sleep problems, and about 1% of adults have insomnia.Drug therapy for insomnia is associated with side effects such as daytime sleepiness and addiction, and its long-term treatment maintenance effect is limited.

 On the other hand, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a mental and psychological therapy that is performed face-to-face with the therapist, aiming to solve problems by reviewing one's "emotion (mood)", "thinking (cognition)" and "behavior".The research group has now developed an Internet self-help cognitive-behavioral therapy program that allows you to practice cognitive-behavioral therapy yourself at home without having to go to a clinic with a therapist.

 In clinical trials under this program, about 2 research participants were given a sleep diary on the Internet for about 20 minutes every day, and cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT) to review their thoughts and behaviors, or "three good things" every day. I did an exercise (TGT) of writing for 3 weeks.

 As a result, the sleep quality and insomnia symptoms were significantly improved in the ICBT group and TGT group than in the waiting group without doing anything, and there were no serious adverse events.This reveals that adults with insomnia problems can improve their sleep quality and insomnia by providing unguided internet self-help cognitive-behavioral therapy and "three good things" exercises for four weeks. Became.

 With the program developed this time, users can practice cognitive-behavioral therapy at their favorite time and place, and the burden of going to the hospital is less than face-to-face cognitive-behavioral therapy, and treatment can be continued.

Paper information:[Journal of Medical Internet Research] Effectiveness of Unguided Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Three Good Things Exercise for Insomnia: A Three-arm Randomized Controlled Trial

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