According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the ratio of applicants for the entrance examination for national and public universities in 2022 was 4.3 times, which was the same as the previous year.By schedule, the first half is 2.9 times, the second half is 10.0 times, and the middle term of public universities is 13.4 times.The latter and middle stages are slightly narrower than the previous year.


 Looking at the final application rate, the first half schedule was 2.9 times the same as the previous year, but the second half schedule and the middle schedule were 9.6 times and 12.3 times the previous year, but 10.0 times and 13.4 times.The total was 4.3 times the same as the previous year.

 The second-half schedule of national universities increased from 9.0 times to 9.5 times the previous year, and the middle-term schedule of public universities increased from 12.3 times to 13.4 times.On the contrary, the first half of the public university schedule has dropped from 3.6 times to 3.4 times, and the second half of the public university schedule has dropped from 12.1 times to 11.8 times.


 Akita International University, Niigata Prefectural University, Eikei University, and Professional College of Arts and Tourism are not included in this total because they have their own schedule.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Reiwa 4rd year National and Public University Enrollment Selection Confirmation Application Status and 2-stage Selection Implementation Status (first term schedule)

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