Kogakuin University (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) student project "Kogakuin University Solar Team" will participate in the world's largest solar car race "10 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge" to be held in October. Was released on the Shinjuku campus.

 The solar team at Kogakuin University has been scaled up year by year with the participation in the world championships.Currently, more than 300 student members and faculty members working on cutting-edge research in each field act as advisors to establish the "Solar Vehicle Research Center".While utilizing the manufacturing facilities on campus, we are engaged in cross-sectional research beyond the boundaries of faculties and departments, and we are also receiving cutting-edge materials and technology from support companies through industry-academia collaboration.

 The feature of "Wing", which will be the 4th machine in the new vehicle, is the design of the beautiful feather-like solar panel part.Since an artificial solar cell is mounted on the wings of a XNUMXD curved surface designed by the natural world, it is named "Wing" to mean "coexistence with nature" and "fluttering in the future" by young engineers.From this tournament, new regulations such as a smaller solar cell area and a larger body size limit have made it possible to design any design, and students have come up with ideas and adopted a single-body design.

 Takuro Nakagawa (2nd year master's student in mechanical engineering), a student captain, said, "With the support of various people, including support companies, we have completed a vehicle that the team is confident about. I thought that a well-balanced and comprehensive design was necessary to win the race, so I made the vehicle with the concept of "Only One" that thoroughly pursued originality. "

 The 3 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the team's third entry, is one of the world's largest solar car races that traverses the Australian continent from north to south for approximately 2017km.The team won second place in the cruiser class competing for practicality in the previous tournament in 3,000.This tournament aims to win the "Challenger Class", which was established for the purpose of enjoying the tournament with vehicles with unique designs rather than goal rankings.

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