At Ryukyu University, participation in the startup experience event "Startup Weekend Okinawa vol.2015", which will be held for 7 days from July 3rd to 5th, 3, will be recognized as a regular course credit for the first time in Japan. became.

Quoted from the source

Quoted from the source

 Startup Weekend is an event sponsored by "Startup Weekend, a specified non-profit organization" that works to support entrepreneurs, and it will be recognized as a course credit by conducting industry-academia collaboration between the university and the Internet company "Ryukyu Interactive" in the prefecture. became.The target subject is an introduction to venture business, and the instructor in charge is Professor Tamaki Ohsumi of the Faculty of Tourism and Industry Science.

 The Startup Weekend, which is a credit course, is an event that allows you to experience the start-up of a business that is taking place on a global scale. It has been held in more than 100 cities in 700 countries around the world, and a total of more than 12 people have participated. I am.Participants will form a team on the spot from Friday night on the weekend, share ideas, and spend three days creating a prototype of the business model.Judges such as entrepreneurial experienced people and experts will judge the contents and decide the winning team.This is the 3th time to be held in Okinawa, and the theme is "All For Okinawa".Participants will formulate new business models and services and give presentations on the issues of solving Okinawa's problems and creating services that benefit Okinawa.

 Through Startup Weekend, the people concerned hope that the flexible ideas of university students will solve the problems of Okinawa and create services and companies that will lead the future Okinawa economy.

Source:[Startup Weekend] Human resource development for entrepreneurs through industry-academia collaboration


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